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esave aim to provide all of our customers with the very highest standards of service at all times. We do (very occasionally) get it wrong, and when this happens, we want to resolve any issues as best we can. 

We haven't had many complaints in our 17-year history, but if we have let you down in some way or you're not happy with the service we've provided, please let us know.
We can only fix it if we know about it (and complaints really do help us sharpen our focus).

We don't mind how you let us know, but we think a chat on the phone can often resolve things quickly - just give us a bell on 0800 61 22 200 (we'll even pay for the call).  

If you'd prefer to make a complaint to us in writing, that's ok too - just get in touch with our Managing Director as follows:         

In writing to: 

George Michie 
Managing Director 
7a Canal Road 
or by email to:

We will try to sort your complaint immediately. If we are unable to do so (because we need more information) we will get back in touch with you within five days and will let you know who is dealing with the issue and when you can expect a response.

If we think our investigations will take some time to conclude we will keep you informed.  We will contact you as soon as our investigations are complete or, if we have been unable to resolve the issue within 2 weeks of receipt of your complaint, we will write to you to let you know.

If we are still unable to resolve the issue within 8 weeks we will write to you again advise you when we expect to be able to conclude our investigation. 

Once complete, we'll write to you with the outcome of our investigations. 

If we believe that your complaint is the responsibility of a supplier we will pass your correspondence on to them and inform you of this in writing.  The supplier will assume responsibility for the complaint and we will provide you with the suppliers contact details.