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esave recognises and values the need to promote continuous improvement in our environmental performance. esave will apply practices that promote economic security and environmental stewardship and will strive for continuous improvement of performance in these areas. 


  • To set a sustainability strategy for the firm and promote sustainable practices
  • To set environmental objectives in the areas of energy, waste and travel
  • To hold its performance accountable through objective measurements
  • To report on its environmental performance and achievements
  • To align the company environmental management system with recognised standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO50001
  • To work with its clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes
  • To use its skills and influence to improve the built environment 


In meeting these objectives, esave will:

For its core business

  • comply with relevant environmental legislation
  • ensure that all projects consider potential  environmental impact and work with the client to minimise those impacts
  • endeavour to perform in such a way that it maximises  the firm’s economic, environmental and financial performance

For its people

  • encourage staff to have an increased level of awareness of the environmental impacts within their own job function
  • develop and deliver appropriate training for all staff on environmental or sustainability issues relevant to the firm’s businesses 

For its external relationships

  • engage with organisations that promote sustainability and share information and ideas on promoting sustainability between businesses