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Here at esave we are passionate about sustainability and encourage businesses to recognise that implementing sustainable practices is a “must have” for future longevity. We have made it our mission to be recognised as the North of Scotland’s sustainable business experts promoting the idea of people, planet, profit and exporting this to the rest of the UK and overseas. 

This commitment is endorsed across the organisation through an Environment and Sustainability policy signed by the CEO, which recognises and values the need to:
  • promote continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • apply practices that promote economic security and environmental stewardship
  • strive for continuous improvement of performance in these areas  
To achieve this we know that we have to not only talk the talk but we need to walk the walk as well. This is crucial as it is important to prove to other organisations that sustainability programs are not just for large organisations and that it is possible to make meaningful changes regardless of your size, location or industry. Most importantly we are out to prove that sustainability makes good business sense.

What we have achieved so far

Our sustainability journey began in April 2014, when we moved to a new rented office and took the opportunity to implement an environmental management system starting with a policy and identification of our environmental impacts. We now have metrics, energy and waste audits, legal compliance assessment, staff training, regular communications and management review. We have also included Greenhouse Gas Protocol scope 3 emissions such as business transport, waste and water in our carbon footprint and consider the global reporting initiative reporting elements in our planning.

The company has also signed the Highland Council’s Carbon Clever Declaration, which is a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, promote good practice, encourage other organisations and report on progress.

Our activities and achievements have been and will continue to be aimed at addressing our environmental impacts and in raising our social benefit activities:
  • Our most significant environmental impact is from electricity use so we have implemented measures around heating, lighting and reducing out-of-hours usage with a switch off campaign. This has resulted in an annual cost saving of 6%
  • The next biggest impact is from business travel, which is more difficult to reduce as it is mainly caused by sales activity and visits to customer locations. We have put several measures in place, which will have long term benefits.
  • Waste is a very small part of our footprint but is one of the easiest areas to get staff involved. We are pleased with the level of segregation taking place and plan to tackle paper usage this year as it is a major part of the recycled waste stream. We are also considering a carbon offset program such as planting a “corporate grove” in the Caledonian Forest regeneration project
  • We have been actively engaging more with other organisations, clients, and on social media to raise the profile of sustainability matters and to show how businesses can benefit from taking action
  • Our staff are particularly engaged with their involvement in the monthly charity donation process
  • Our services are designed and marketed to help customers reduce their sustainability footprint, be compliant and reduce costs.
Through our sustainable approach we have been able to:
  • reduce our environmental impact and utility costs
  • make smarter business decisions
  • raise the environmental awareness of our staff