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Mandatory Carbon Reporting

This is a UK based policy which was launched under the Companies act 2006. It requires that all “quoted companies” (those that are UK incorporated and whose equity share capital is officially listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange) to report their annual greenhouse gas emissions in their directors’ report. The aim of this is to enable organisations to target and reduce emissions in the future.

Market Fundamentals/Market Drivers

Factors that principally drive the market sentiment, i.e. demand, costs, outages, maintenance, weather forecast, etc.

Market sentiment

This is the term used to describe the feeling or prevailing attitude among investors within the energy markets. Two commonly used sentiments are bearish (describing a downward trend) and bullish (describing an upward trend).

Maximum Annual Quantity (MAQ) 

Total quantity of gas to be delivered to the customer sites during the contract year. Usually defined in a Take or Pay clause.

Maximum Demand 

Maximum Demand is the highest peak of usage (kWH) in any Half Hour during a calendar month or between two meter readings measured in either kW or kVA.

Mega Watt (MW) 

This is the unit of measurement used for electricity 1 Mega Watt =1,000,000 watts.

Meter Asset Manager (MAM) 

These organisations are responsible for validating, storing and maintaining all known information relating to the meter point.

Meter Asset Provider (MAP) 

These organisations are responsible for the ongoing provision of the meter installation at that meter point.

Meter Operator (MOP) 

The organisation appointed by the customer to install (if necessary) & maintain metering equipment.

Meter Operator Charges (MOP Charges) 

This charge covers the cost of maintaining metering equipment.

Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)

This is a unique number to the property. It is found on the electricity bill issued by your supplier. This is sometimes called a Supply Number.

Meter Serial Number (MSN)

This is a number stamped on the front of the meter and is used for identification. This changes when the meter is exchanged.

Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)

This is an energy efficiency technique whereby an organisations total or site specific consumption is shown in a series of graphs. This enables the monitoring of utility usage, together with targeting of areas of abnormal use.  
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