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National Balancing Point (NBP) 

The point where wholesale gas is traded within the UK.

National Grid 

The National Grid owns the main transmission systems and is responsible for transmitting the electricity. All electricity generated in mainland UK is put into the National Grid before fed into distribution networks.

National Transmission System (NTS)           

This is a high pressure gas transmission system in Britain operated by National Grid.

Near Curve

Relates to the period of the forward curve running from the front month to the beginning of the front season.

Non Half Hourly (NHH) Meters 

These are meters for electricity supplies under 100 KVA. Organisations that have a MPAN 01, 02, 03 or 04 will be Non Half Hourly. Unlike HH meters, a meter reader must visit the site to obtain readings.

Notional Balancing Point (NBP) 

This is where entry gas is brought to a virtual point in the system from which network users can transport to an exit point, thus becoming a trading hub.

Nuclear Power 

This is a process in which electricity is generated by using a nuclear reactor.
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