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Paris Agreement 

This agreement was signed in December 2015 by almost 200 nations (including the UK). The aim of this agreement is to keep global temperatures from increasing by 2°C (compared to pre-industrial levels). All the nations involved have pledged to increase funding for environmental issues, reduce carbon emissions and improve resource efficiency.

Pass Through Charges 

These are charges that appear on bills to cover the costs of third parties involved in the energy supply chain to deliver power. These charges include the cost of delivering energy, grid maintenance and green taxes.

Peak Demand 

Point of maximum electricity demand on the national system.

Price Curve

Energy prices plotted on a graph to show trends and volatility.

Profile Class

A classification representing the demand profile shapes of when a typical customer uses their energy. Currently the majority of businesses fall under the NHH title, which means that their electricity charges are based on average profiles. One inherent drawback of this approach is that it masks the actual consumption behaviour of the individual company which causes a lack of accuracy. This makes it difficult for companies to gain the full impact of energy efficient measures, make savings and it can affect the pricing of new contracts.

Prompt Market

This term is given to the trading of gas or electricity which is due for delivery within the current calendar month. 

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