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Now more than ever businesses need a structured and unified approach to their contract and resource management in order to maximise the benefits that lie within their utilities. esaver enables organisations to do this by managing, monitoring and minimising their utility costs. It is like having and energy manager for a fraction of the price.  

Historically, the discussion surrounding the cost of utilities has always been dominated by the wholesale costs and the driving forces behind them. However in recent years with climate change becoming a constant headline, the focus has gradually shifted towards a business’s  sustainability, environmental responsibility and carbon impact on the planet. This change in mind set means that there is now a greater cost attributed to WHEN and HOW utilities are consumed which ultimately has an impact on an organisation’s final utility costs.
With this as our starting point we developed esaver, which offers organisations a suitable energy strategy that enables them to manage their utility contracts and control their resource costs.
The esaver service is broken into two parts. The first deals with the initial contract setup in which we manage the whole process and secure the most cost effective utility deals. This includes contract terminations, capacity reviews, contract rationalisation and bill checking. The second part of the service focuses on trying to save organisations money throughout the lifetime of their utility contracts. We do this through ensensus, our cloud based monitoring system, which allows us to monitor and analyse an organisation’s utilities throughout the year. With this information we identify target areas for cost reduction and resource efficiency. 
Ultimately esaver enables organisations to make better informed decisions and identify opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs. It is in essence an outsourced energy manager at a fraction of the price.

The benefits

  • Tailored to each organisation’s requirements
  • Scalable for multiple resource types and multiple sites
  • Targets both tax and resource savings
  • Offers ongoing support and analysis
  • Data collected can be used for compliance schemes such as ESOS, CRC, CCA.
  • Improves business efficiency


To find out more about how esaver can help you prepare for the future, simply fill in the form below and download our esaver brochure.