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Every organisation needs to identify which UK environmental legislation is relevant to their operations, activities or products. The bigger and more complex the organisation, the more it will be affected. 

Environmental legislation covers a wide variety of topics including water supply, wastewater treatment, surface water pollution, air emissions, energy consumption, recycling, waste electronics, packaging, waste tyres and batteries, energy efficiency ratings for new equipment, oil storage, contaminated land, chemical storage and use, transport, nuisance noise or smell, litter and refrigerants. 

Even small organisations need to implement waste recycling, arrange for authorised waste disposal and ensure they don’t pollute surface water (e.g.. a leaking oil tank in their car park).
Failure to comply with legislation can result in hefty fines and criminal prosecutions.
Conversely, making a positive of your environmental compliance can help to strengthen company reputation, improve staff retention and recruitment and demonstrate environmental credentials to suppliers, customers and the local community.
esave can help you:

  • Identify which environmental legislation is relevant to your organisation’s activities, operations, premises and products

  • ​Carry out a full environmental legal compliance audit and provide a report and action list

  • ​Implement measures identified as a result of an environmental legal audit or a recommendation from a regulator