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Every organisation with premises must pay for the collection and disposal of waste. Unused, or partly used, materials ending up in landfill are money down the drain. 

There is UK and Scottish legislation on the control, disposal and recycling of all types of business waste. Legislation requires recycling of materials where recycling routes are commonly available (e.g. glass, cardboard, metals, paper). Any organisation failing to comply with the legislation could be prosecuted and fined.
Waste going to landfill is a contributor to an organisation’s total GHG footprint as landfill emits methane and CO2, both powerful greenhouse gases. A large organisation may have internal standards or objectives to meet on waste reduction. 

In addition to complying with legislation, reducing waste is also good for the planet, for company reputation and for the bottom line.

esave services include:

  • Carrying out waste audits of current waste streams, identifying which streams are going to landfill.

  • Identifying recyclable options for landfill waste (usually achieved by better segregation)

  • Waste mapping to identify which activities generate separate waste streams 

  • Development and delivery of staff awareness training.

To find out how to reduce your organisations waste bill, simply fill in the form below and download our Resource Reduction Brochure.