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Water management - simple advice to help you achieve sustainability and ensure legal compliance. 

If your business is a large water user - especially if used as a raw material product - its quality, cost and ultimately its wastage is crucial to the success of your organisation. 

Costs have increase substantially over the last decade, affecting many businesses who rely on water, either as a catalyst to other production activities or indeed as a core component, such as in the food and beverage market. 

Legislation covers prevention of water source contamination, the use of draining systems for post production waste and the ability to take water into your business if you’re a large consumer; failure to observe and adhere to this legisltaion can not only land you in court, it can cost significant amount in fines, and in the cost of rectification works. 

esave can help develop a clear, comprehensive strategy for your water use and management including identifying where water is used and where wastewater is generated within the organisation, working out where and if this can be minimised, identifying opportunities to reduce consumption or use recycled water. 

Our services include: 

  • Water supply procurement

  • Water billing and invoice management

  • Water Balance (Audit)

  • Base-load analysis

  • Water Costs – direct and indirect

  • Environmental Legal Compliance

  • Pollution prevention

  • Opportunities to reduce or re-use

  • Water tracking, awareness/training and management


To find out how your business can manage its water use more effectively, simply fill in the form below and download our Resource Reduction Brochure.